The thematic package on what it means to be a people of memory can be found here! As a teaser here’s one of the spiritual practices you’re invited to engage into the end of November.

From a spiritual perspective, memory is not just about holding pictures of the past in our head; it’s also about holding on to our core values. There’s a reason we say, “I need to remember who I am.” Indeed, this has long been the way UUs think about church. Church, for us, is the place where we come to remember who we are.

To honour and engage this, you are invited to spend some time this month “reminding yourself who you are” by making a simple list of “10 Things to Remember.” Think of it as self-talk. As your better self-helping your forgetful self-return to your centre. Pull out a sheet of paper or pull up a document on your computer and type out a list numbered 1-10. Then spend the month filling it in with 10 pieces of wisdom or advice that are important to you but that you also often forget.

Bring this “spiritual reminder list” with you to your group and be ready to share the three items on the list that were most surprising or engaging.

You’ll have to check out the theme packet for some ideas to get you started!