Speaker: Rev. Samaya Oakley

SamayaRev. Samaya Oakley has been the Minister of the South Fraser Unitarians since August 2016. She received her Masters of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology and has worked with Unitarian Universalist communities at the local, national and continental levels for the past twenty years.

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Solstice Service

For thousands of years people have gathered on the eve of the winter solstice to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. Today we gather to be nurtured and held during the longest night and begin to look forward to the light returning. From out of the darkness and cold, light and hope return. Join us as we slow down, sit in silence together and rest when the wheel turns. We’ll gather to walk the labyrinth and join in ritual to honour the gifts of the night and to celebrate the return of the light. 

We welcome everyone to our service. This year we will be holding the event at Sanford Hall, Kwomais Point Regional Park, 1367 – 128 Street, South Surrey (near Ocean Park Shopping Center). We’ll start the labyrinth walk at 4pm. The annual Solstice Ritual led by Rev. Samaya will begin at 5pm.

The Dark Night of the Soul

These long days plunge us into periods of darkness. Some of us embrace the opportunity to snuggle into the season and do our best to light up the season. Mystic Juan de la Cruz, or John of the Cross, coined the term a “dark night … read more.

Joy to the World

The carol, Joy to the World, celebrates its 300th anniversary. Join us as we kick off the season with a romp through the ages celebrating the joy this carol brings.

Toolbox of Faith

What tools does Unitarian Universalism offer for the challenges of life? Come and discover what aspects of UU faith are helpful to you as you develop a toolbox of faith.

The Energy of Action

The energy of action means that we, as Unitarian Universalists, have a sacred obligation to keep the fire burning and to light it where it doesn’t burn! Join us as we kick off our annual canvass campaign and reflect on the energy of our action and how it impacts the life of South Fraser Unitarians.

Remembering our Ancestors

In ancient times the practice of Samhein was observed. Today, we know this holiday as Halloween. This was a time when it was believed that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Join us for a time of storytelling and a time of remembering our ancestors. You are invited to bring pictures of your loved ones to the service – and to dress in your Halloween costumes.

Water Communion

Our annual water communion service kicked off the new church year.


Join us for our annual water communion service. At this service, each person is invited to bring some water from places that nurture your spirit. As we mingle our water together into one common bowl, … read more.

Flower Communion and Blessing Service

Our annual flower communion is a celebration of our shared ministry and the way our individual gifts combine to create a beautiful bouquet. Please bring a flower to share with the congregation….

Question Box Service

Join us for our annual question box service. Rev. Samaya will spend time throughout the service answering questions that are sent into her by the end of May.  Think of what you would like to know for this special information day.

The Inner Landscape of Beauty

John O’Donoghue thought of beauty as being an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance with a deeper sense of wholeness. Beauty as a kind of homecoming for the enriched memory of your unfolding life story…