Speaker: Rev. Samaya Oakley


Who is Jesus for UU

Looking at our first source, our Jewish and Christian heritage, this service looks at the life of Jesus. We’ll look at how he lived his life and how it impacts us today.

The Music of Jann Arden

Continuing on with our Music Of … series, today we look at the life of Jann Arden, a musician who elicits tears and laughter through her music and comedic wit.  

Let a Dancing Song be Heard

It’s been said that dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body. The magic of movement energizes activity and brings out the positive energy within us. Join us as we explore this idea – and of course – we’re going to dance!

What it Means to be White

In a world where we are being asked to consider the spaces we inhabit, being white is not something that we give much thought to, and yet people of colour are reminded of this on a regular basis. Join me for a personal exploration of … read more.

Healing Powers of Water

It’s been said that access to safe, clean drinking water makes it possible for communities to move out of poverty.In Canada over 80 Indigenous communities don’t have access. Join us as we explore the possibilities of healing that access to safe, clean water can provide.

The Music of Pete Seeger

It’s said that for Pete Seeger folk music and a sense of community were inseparable, and where he saw a community, he saw the possibility of political action. Join us as we look back his life and how he weaved community and political action together. 

Pet Blessing Service

We take time once a year with this formal ceremony to give thanks and bless our companions in life. You are invited to bring your well-behaved pets or a picture of them! 

A Solstice Ritual

Join us for our annual service as we mark the time when the sun stands still. Join us after the service for some potluck Christmas baking and singing of carols. Families are welcome.

Carols and Connection

Join us for a service that walks through the history of adopting our six sources through Christmas carols. Trust me – there’ll be lots of singing too!