Rev. Samaya Oakley


Carols and Connection

Join us for a service that walks through the history of adopting our six sources through Christmas carols. Trust me – there’ll be lots of singing too!

Lest We Forget

Over 747,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Join us as we reflect on what it is, how it touches us and where hope can be found. 

The Stories We Tell Matter

This service asks us to reflect what we learned together at the workshop Dreaming a New Way. How we tell the story of who we are and have been, helps to be who we are authentically and boldly in a relevant relationship with the wider community. 

Remembering Our Ancestors

Join us for a time of storytelling and a time of remembering our ancestors. You are invited to bring pictures of your loved ones to this multigenerational service – and to dress in your Halloween costumes. See upcoming services for more details.

Building a New Way

The work we do as a congregation particularly as we begin our canvass campaign for the coming year. This is a foundational approach to why we gather, and guild a strong future not only for ourselves but for those who come after us.

Moving from I to We

The power of belonging in community happens when we each give a little of ourselves so that together we can accomplish something greater than we could ever done on our own. Building a pluralistic and equitable community requires a shift from today’s emphasis on individualism … read more.

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

This service invites us to reflect on how different worldviews are important in building a community that is whole. We express our gratitude for the richness such different worldviews can offer. For this we are grateful!

Turning to One Another

This multigenerational service looks at the power of what we can accomplish as a community. We’ll begin building our vision board as we reflect on who we are. After the service families will have an opportunity to build their own vision boards and everyone gets … read more.

Where Do We Come From?

In this service, we share our stories with one another, stories that reflect experiences when we found ourselves knowing better what it is to be a human being living on the planet in this day and age.