What Christmas Means to Me Now That I’m Not a Christian

As a child, Gloria was taught to take the “Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus Story” literally. As an adult, for a while,  her perspective widened to such an extent she felt negative about celebrating Christmas at all and she was uncomfortable around those who did. Currently, her perspective is widening even further. Now she finds herself able … Continued

The Mystery of Presence

At a time when answers are available in a single click, it seems as if the mystery of living today has disappeared. As we enter this holiday season, let us reflect on the presence of mystery in our lives.

The Story of Our Lives

The choices of our lives end up writing the stories of our lives – decisions such as the relationships we nurture, how we spend our time, and responses to the events we experience in life. As we take time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going, we make meaning of our … Continued