We believe that families build their belief systems throughout many experiences, not just Sunday Service which is why our children’s program mirrors the themes explored by our adults, that way conversations and discovery can continue throughout the month. We call this Faith Formation. Our monthly Soul Matters packets always include a family section to spark conversations and inspire activities.

On most Sundays, we begin worship together with all ages. After the time for all ages, the children accompany our Director of Religious Education and trained volunteers to explore life values in a fun and interactive way while their parents or grandparents participate in the worship service. The children’s time includes songs, meditation and stories, as well as games, crafts and projects. Our faith is based on seven principles, which are reflected in our children’s curriculum. The children have a version of the principles that uses the colours of the rainbow to capture the essence of what we believe as Unitarians:

This is the rug the congregation made in the 2015-16 church year.
This is the rug the congregation made in the 2015-16 church year.

Red – Respect all people
Orange – Offer fair and kind treatment to all
Yellow – Yearn to learn about ourselves, others and the mystery
Green – Grow by exploring what is true and right in life
Blue – Believe in your ideas and act on them
Indigo – Insist on a fair and just world for all
Violet – Value our home, the earth that we share with all living beings

Parents often start attending Unitarian Churches when their children are young because they want to instil in them values and life lessons such as these while exploring multiple belief systems and faiths so their children can develop their own spirituality and credo.

If you would like to know more about our children’s program, join us on a Sunday afternoon or contact us.