We are a group of people who are passionate about singing — and about singing together in community.

We are a relatively informal choir, rehearsing before services on Sunday from 12:30-1:20 pm and at home during the week (with a few additional rehearsals and potlucks 2-3 times a year).  We enjoy sharing the gift of music with the congregation and encourage others to experience the music in ways which are meaningful to them. Our goal is for the members of the congregation to lift their voices in song and join us whole-heartedly.

We are led by Sylvia Zeelenberg, an endlessly cheerful and highly dedicated volunteer who is passionate about music and the role music plays in building community.

Accompanying us is Leslie Chen, a top-notch pianist, who works her magic on the grand piano to support the Choir. Leslie provides us with several beautiful pieces each Sunday, ranging from classical to contemporary.

We are also accompanied, at times, by other instrumentalists from within the Choir and the congregation.

If you are looking for a welcoming group of people with whom to sing, please let us know. You are always welcome. No auditions, just fun!

An exciting addition to our music ministry is the ukulele group. People of all ages are learning a few chords and sounding great in such a short time! We hope to make this a monthly gathering and to be able to take our ukes out into the community for all kinds of occasions.