Everyone is always welcome at SFUC, see what’s happening in our upcoming services below. We meet every Sunday at 1:30 pm in South Surrey. Read more about our Children’s Religious Exploration Program and find more information about what to expect in worship services.

The Dark Night of the Soul

These long days plunge us into periods of darkness. Some of us embrace the opportunity to snuggle into the season and do our best to light up the season. Mystic Juan de la Cruz, or John of the Cross, coined the term a “dark night … read more.

Solstice Service

For thousands of years people have gathered on the eve of the winter solstice to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. Today we gather to be nurtured and held during the longest night and begin to look forward to the light returning. From out of the darkness and cold, light and hope return. Join us as we slow down, sit in silence together and rest when the wheel turns. We’ll gather to walk the labyrinth and join in ritual to honour the gifts of the night and to celebrate the return of the light. 

We welcome everyone to our service. This year we will be holding the event at Sanford Hall, Kwomais Point Regional Park, 1367 – 128 Street, South Surrey (near Ocean Park Shopping Center). We’ll start the labyrinth walk at 4pm. The annual Solstice Ritual led by Rev. Samaya will begin at 5pm.