Our faith tradition is diverse and inclusive. We grew from a radical Christian group:  The Unitarians, who looked at Scripture with a rational mindset and found in the Bible no evidence of a Trinity. Our legacy reaches back centuries to liberal religious pioneers in England, Poland, and Transylvania. Today, Unitarians include people of many beliefs who share Unitarian values of peace, love, and understanding.

Not every Unitarian believes in God; some may identify as pagan and believe in a goddess, while others may be atheist and not believe in God at all. What surprises many people about Unitarianism is that it is a faith without dogma. We don’t tell our members what they should or shouldn’t believe. We come together to question and explore together.

The Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC)

The CUC is our national organization (Unitarians, Unitarian Universalists, and Universalist Unitarians) in Canada. The CUC provides support for congregations across the country, fostering growth and outreach, particularly in the areas of lifespan religious education, spiritual growth, and social responsibility. It is a voice  within the interfaith community in Canada, and within the international UU community.