Author: SFUC

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Stillness?

So friends, stillness…allows us to perceive that which is truly precious. And in doing so, it calls us back to our humanity.

When we pause and find that sacred point of balance, that which is precious in life lights up as if in neon. The blur that usually dominates our attention fades to gray and we are able to notice that which truly deserves our focus. Our care. Our commitment. Our love.

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Healing?

Oh how we want to escape our pain. Worry, loss, death, exhaustion, anxiety, Covid claustrophobia, political instability, the unraveling of our democracy, racial harm. It’s all overwhelming. We want to stitch up our protective coverings as soon as we can so our exposed and tender nerves can rest. We want the pain behind us as soon as possible.

But what if the work is to travel toward it? What if proximity to pain not distance from it is the real route to healing?

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Deep Listening?

Listening helps us find our way. The listening of therapists allows us to navigate our way through
life. We turn to prayer to hear God’s guidance. We listen to experts so we can get ahead. Like a
flashlight that leads us through the darkness, listening helps us keep on course.

Why Now, White People?

Protests and marches have erupted across the country in broad support of the Black Lives Matter movement, even in alabaster-white cities with negligible black populations. The top of The New York Times’ bestseller list was seemingly fueled by the same energy — White Fragility, Me and White Supremacy, How to Be an Antiracist, So You Want to Talk About Race — undoubtedly as a result of the many, many reading lists published in the last few weeks meant to help white people think more critically about race in the United States.

What Does It Mean to Be a People of Wisdom?

So many untapped sources. So much wisdom waiting to be known.

Makes one think that maybe the wisest question of all this month is: “Where have I not looked before?”

What Does It Mean to Be a People of Resilience?

When did we decide that resilience was a solo project? It’s not that we consciously defined it that way. It’s just what we were taught, from the time we were little until, well, today. The same thing was – and is – said in so many ways: “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”; “You’re stronger than you think.”; “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The cultural message is clear: resilience depends on you – your individual toughness and inner strength. It’s a solo act.