In a unique partnership between South Fraser (SFUC) and Calgary Unitarians (UCC), the Revs. Debra Faulk and Samaya Oakley, and UCC member Lynn Nugent, are pleased to offer an exploration of nine of the major world religions/faith traditions this coming year – one a month from September through to May. This program is open to Unitarian Universalists in Western Canada. You’ll be able to participate several ways:

  • Attendance at the monthly Sunday service when we will have a guest speaker from the faith tradition we are exploring in the program;
  • Each of the monthly Soul Matters/Reflections packets will contain a spiritual practice, readings and resources from the traditions under consideration, and
  • Twice monthly gatherings where you’ll be able to delve deeper into the history and current practices of that tradition. We ask for a commitment to attend as many of these sessions as reasonably possible.

Our twice monthly gatherings will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm Pacific/ 7:30-9:00 Mountain. Together we’ll be exploring:

  • September – Judaism – September 8th and 22nd;
  • October – Wicca – October 6th and 20th;
  • November – Hindu – November 3rd and 17th;
  • December – Christianity – December 1st and 15th;
  • January – Bahai – January 5 and 19th;
  • February – Buddhism – February 2dn and 16th;
  • March – Sikhism – March 2nd and 16th;
  • April – Islam – April 6th and 20th;
  • May – Indigenous Spirituality – May 4th and 18th.

As there are significant expenses for the resources being used, we are asking for a free-will donation of $10.00 per session on a sliding scale basis. We suggest you use the CUC’s green bottle sliding scale model to determine your contribution. 

To register simply click on the World Religions Exploration Program link:

Please contact anyone of the following for more information: