How To Stand Up to Hate Without Bullying, Belittling, or Being a Bystander

Using Sikhee Teachings, we will explore how Sikhs are decolonizing Sikhee and taking a stand against hatred without using colonial tactics and tools.

Inspired by an ever deepening love affair with Sikhee (the Sikh spiritual path of “power of self”), Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning actively works with partners from diverse backgrounds to catalyze positive social change for the greater empowerment of all. She initiated and helped develop the Kirpan accommodation policy for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She spearheaded Sikh engagement with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the Vancouver Walk for Reconciliation. She produced a short film entitled, It Matters: The Legacy of Residential Schools. She helped found Food Save-ah, a grassroots initiative that delivers tens of thousands of pounds of food each month to those in need. 

Born and raised in BC, she brings a wealth of experience in fostering trust and understanding between diverse communities through authentic and vulnerable experiential engagement. She is currently focused on helping neighbours take a stand against hate by cultivating self respect and mutual respect, and actually dealing with differences.