Responding to Adversity

Life is essentially comedy and tragedy. These are the two great stages human find themselves repeatedly entering. In an age of political divisiveness, social justice activism, and mass shootings, what is our response to these tragedies? In this reflection video, Ahmed Khan explains the Islamic perspective on responding to adversity through the tribulations of the Prophet Muhammad. 

Ahmed Khan is a writer, keynote speaker, and lecturer with a special focus on Islam. He has completed a bachelor’s degree in history, specializing in Islamic history and is currently studying Islamic Law and Theology at Zaytuna College. 

He previously served as the President of the Simon Fraser University Muslim Student Association where he acted as a chaplain and community leader. He has conducted lectures at prominent institutions such as SFU, Capilano University, and the Muslim Association of Canada.

He has been featured on prominent media channels such as News1130, Omni News, RedFm, The Georgia Straight, and The Miracle. He is currently in the process of completing his first book which is dedicated to finding oneself through faith.

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