Who Are We Called to Be?

The world is moving toward the next stage in its evolution, one that requires us to see beyond the borders of our country and envision ourselves as global citizens. Bahá’u’lláh provided guidance for humanity that is relevant to the current conditions in the world today, saying that without unity there can be no peace and security. Bahá’ís strive to understand the implications of this statement and the unifying principles that humanity will need to embrace if we are to continue to evolve. The sacred writings of the Bahá’í Faith say that from the struggles of humanity must arise a new race of people, one that will emerge from its present stage of adolescence to adulthood and maturity. What does this mean? Who are we called to be?

Connie is retired certified fitness consultant, having had a successful career running a Health and Fitness Consulting business where she and her team worked with individuals, groups, institutions and corporations to introduce healthy living practices into the lives of her clients. She is a member of the Bahá’í Faith, serving for almost 50 years as an elected member of the local Spiritual Assembly in the various communities she has resided in. The areas of service include public affairs officer, marriage registrar, children’s education coordinator, teaching coordinator, and assistant to the Auxiliary Board of Counsellors. She also served on regional and national teaching committees for the Bahá’í Faith before retiring to the town of Comox on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. She continues to actively serve the community there by hosting interfaith devotional gatherings on Zoom, providing a space for people of diverse Faiths and philosophies to connect on a spiritual level. She is also tutoring study circles on “Engaging in Social Action” and on “The Institution of Bahá’í Marriage”.  She considers herself a lifelong learner.

Connie was a founding member of the Surrey Interfaith Council, serving on the council for many years. She is the past president of the board of the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the oldest interfaith group in the province. She now serves as their secretary. Along with hosting forums to encourage interfaith dialogue, MAS produces a multifaith calendar that is distributed all over North America.

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