Speaker: Rev. Janet Onnie

Now What? : Thoughts on Transitions

We are just now beginning to articulate the ways in which the covid pandemic has impacted individual lives and the foundations of our institutions.  The effect on religious institutions has been profound.  How might we re-imagine how we belong to our 21st-century Unitarian Universalist communities … read more.

Swinging Through the Hinge Times

There are some who describe our time in human history as a “hinge time”; a time that occurs every 500 years or so where all human mores and institutions are upended. How will we respond to the chaos and uncertainty of these times? Come hear some ideas.

Art. So What?

There’s a bumper sticker that reads “Nurture Your Spirit, Help Heal the World”. Part of nurturing one’s spirit is noticing the beauty around us. That beauty is not only found in the natural world, it is also created by ordinary people exercising their gift of imagination. Today we will explore how works of art may inspire us to heal our world.

What’s the Buzz?

The story of “Palm Sunday” can be reported by at least five different participant groups in that event, each through their own lens. How can we cut through the ‘buzz’ of our current 24-7 information cycle to determine what’s ‘true’?


At a time when the news is bad and many people feel powerless, we will hear a story of two women who do something so simple that at first no one takes them seriously. But soon their simple act of caring has the power to transform the world.

The Case of David v. Biandrata

t’s review a court case that led, 444 years later, to the establishment of a remote corner of the world as a UNESCO heritage site. The story includes the battle between institutions and individuals and has all the elements of high drama: greed, corruption, bravery, and, of course, a leading role for Unitarian Universalists.

The Iowa Sisterhood

In recognition of International Women’s Day the story of the short-lived Iowa Sisterhood recognizes the pioneering women who traveled to the American Midwest exemplifying the message of our free faith, especially Universalism. Their work on the frontier paved the way for women throughout North America and beyond to be ordained and recognized as congregational preachers and leaders equally committed and able as their male counterparts.

The Dirt-Filled Heart

According to Esoteric teachings there are gracious forces that form the cosmos.  In order for these forces for flow through us, we need to reach the deepest levels of our being – our ‘dirt’.  While this may seem farfetched there are people who have experienced awakening to the value of their ‘dirt’.  Maybe you’re one of them.

Stacking Stones

Boundaries are a tool or technique for instilling a sense of safety. Grounding ourselves in the Hebrew Bible’s story of Nehemiah let’s explore how we might establish boundaries around ourselves and our communities while being open to welcoming new and different people and ideas.

The Goat in the Pickup Truck

Something’s changed at SFUC. And change often leaves us disoriented. Come hear a story about one creature’s change and how it managed to regain it’s composure by changing it’s response.