Topic: Social Justice

Christmas Morning Stories, Songs, and Scripture

Join the four Metro Vancouver UU Congregations as you ease into the holiday remembering its meaning and beauty amidst all the activity. Music and scripture readings will be shared by each congregation. You can take in the service from the comfort of your home (still in your jammies if you wish). Join us for a light-hearted family service.

Reconciliation as a Spiritual Practice

What does reconciliation look like as a spiritual practice? This is the second year that Canada has set
aside a day that honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families, and
communities. Join Rev. Samaya for an exploration into this question. In honour of this day, please
remember to wear your orange t-shirt to the service so we can take a few screen shots of our

We Are a Justice-Seeking People

Join Rev. Samaya for an exploration of how the intersection of our first and seventh Principles demand that we address the interconnected nature of all of life – particularly the oppressed as well as non-human beings. Please have some art supplies and paper on hand for this service.

Anti-Racism as Spiritual Practice

Summer 2020 was a moment of racial reckoning. Black people, along with allies, took to the streets to protest police brutality and anti-Black racism. However, with those months of intense activism behind us, those committed to social justice must ask “What do we do now?”. It is easy to lose energy and purpose in the struggle against white supremacy. As Unitarians, committed to this struggle, it is important that we continue to engage and support anti-racism work through spiritual practice.