Topic: UU History

Sharing Our Faith National Sunday Service

As part of CUC Month, SFUC will participate in a national Sunday Service on February 6th as the Sharing Our Faith service. Coordinated by Revs. Victoria Ingram and Meghann Robern, the service is titled “Celebration and Contemplation: The Path of an 8th Principle.”

CUC National Service

Led by youth and young adults, this service recognizes and celebrates our 60-year history, and calls on us to fulfill the possibilities of our future together.

The Diamond Anniversary

Fifty years ago, in May of 1961, the Unitarian Universalist Association was formed by merger of the Universalist Church of America and the American Unitarian Association. It also marks the formation of the Canadian Unitarian Council. Join Rev. Samaya for a romp throughout our history to see how our living tradition has become what it is today.

Side With Love

Join us for an exploration of how a tragedy in 2008 at a UU congregation Knoxville, Tennessee, helped to reimagine the way that Unitarian Universalists view and acknowledge Valentine’s Day. A reimagining where love knows no border, no gender, no race, and no religion.

A Faith Worth Failing For

We often talk about Unitarian Universalism as a transformational faith – and yet to be transformed means to take a risk. How is it that we are adverse to taking such risks when it comes to widening the circle of who we are as a community? Join Revs. Shana Lynngood and Samaya Oakley for a service that explores mistakes we’ve made and how we can learn from them to become the transformational faith we proclaim to be.

Building a New Way

This service explores what lessons our Universalist ancestor, John Murray, has for us as we work to build a better world.