In response to the COVID-19 health concerns, we are meeting online via the Zoom videoconferencing service. Click here to read our Covid Response Policy.  To join us, please complete the form found on Access Our Online Worship and you will be emailed access. We meet every Sunday at 1:30 – 230 pm. Newcomers ( to our church or Zoom) are encouraged to join in about 15 minutes early to get set up, oriented and meet a few of our members.  

In community we strive to Connect — forming meaningful relationships, Change — growing spiritually and personally, and Care — supporting each other as we work for a just and sustainable world.

Rev. Samaya

Welcome from our Minister, Rev. Samaya Oakley

Welcome – and thank you for your interest in learning more about and exploring the possibility of making South Fraser Unitarian Congregation your spiritual community. Come join us for worship on Sunday afternoon or come participate in one of our community groups. I hope you’ll come see all that our congregation has to offer.

My most recent Minister’s Column

How Are We Going to Pay Attention?

3 weeks ago

I’m not sure about you, but for me, when I get stressed and overwhelmed with the state of the world in which we live in, I forget to pay attention. And when I forget to pay attention, I break things and things go wrong more easily than at any other time! Just the week before Christmas, I broke two things where glass shattered all over the kitchen. One break wasn’t that serious, the other was a beautiful bowl gifted to me – a real loss indeed. Continue Reading