What Does it Mean to be a People of Beauty?

With summer holidays for many around the corner, people are busy making travel plans. Others, for a variety of reasons be they illness, work schedules, or budget, travel during the holidays is something that is not possible. Here’s one way you can travel to distant lands and view the daily life in other cities. It’s a beautiful way to experience a city even if you’ve been there!

Check this one out from Gaza City:


There is so much beautiful material in our packet on what it means to be a people of beauty that you’ll want to take time to delve deeply into it! You can find our packet below! Remember, at the least to choose one of the spiritual practices and one of the questions to wrestle with. The additional material is there for you to take your exploration further!

At the end of June, please make sure you’re a part of one of the small groups that meets. The purpose of these small groups is to provide you with an opportunity for self-reflection with witnesses to your experience. One of our groups meets on Wednesday, June 12th from 1 to 3:30 pm, and the other will meet on Thursday, June 27th from 7-9 pm. Please contact Rev. Samaya if you’d like to join one of them.

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