Over this coming year, you are invited to complete a total of seven activities, with at least one in each category, plus the item below the table. These activities are all being held online while we physically distance to keep each other safe and healthy! 

Once you have walked through our doors and signed our membership book, your work is just beginning! 




Offer to greet during one of our online services

Meet with the Minister to discuss how your theology has changed over your lifetime.

Read the book Serving with Grace and discuss with a newer friend or member from SFUC

Attend one of our Connecting Conversations

Offer to light the chalice during a service and talk about which principle speaks to you.

Attend a Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) sponsored event

Attend three social events

Watch at least two recommended videos on UU History/Theology

Serve as an Usher or Greeter three times

Join the choir!

Read the UU Pocket Guide

Create a shawl for a member in need

Engage in a discussion with a newcomer to SFUC as to your reasons for membership.

Join a Soul Matters Discussion Group

Participate in one of our social justice events

Join the book club

Attend a book discussion group on White Fragility or The Skin We’re In

Offer a ride, deliver a meal, or help a member

• Commit to attend the monthly Deepening Our UU Faith sessions covering theology, worship, our roots, our philosophy of religious education; social justice, governance and policy, and membership. 


One of the best ways to connect is to serve our community and the needs of one another by striving to maintain personal connections to help create a caring community. Here are some of the ways you can connect.

  • Help with coffee hour at least three times (set up, clean up, or bring treats): Every Sunday we offer coffee hour. We always need help to make it happen. But don’t worry, Monty Rose is always available to show you the ropes!
  • Each month we hold a Connecting Conversation – join us to engage in engaging conversation with members and friends of SFUC. For an hour you’ll be engaged in three different break rooms on Zoom to talk to different people about a topic. Topics range from how you are coping with loneliness during COVID or are taken from our questions to wrestle with that is contained in our Soul Matters packets.
  • Attend three of our social events.
  • Join our choir! Sylvia Zeelenberg, our Choir Director, would be more than happy to welcome you into this fun and engaging way of serving our community by providing the gift of song.
  • There’s no better way to understand a community than to delve into its history by interviewing some of our founding members. A member of our Community Engagement Team will be more than happy to provide you with a list of names to interview.
  • Our book club meets monthly. Contact Gwen to find out how to participate. A list of books they will be engaged in this year are listed on our SFUC calendar which can be found on our website.



  • Read the book Serving with Grace. Discover how to experience congregational work as an integrated element in a fully rounded spiritual life. Written for both those in the more typically recognized “leadership roles”-such as board members and committee chairs-as well as for those who lead while serving on a committee, teaching in religious education or helping to pull together the Holiday Fair Buy online Serving With Grace. Then discuss with someone who has read it to debrief!
  • Attend Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) sponsored event.
  • Serve as an Usher or Greeter three times.
  • Create a shawl for a member in need: We give shawls to those going through a hard time and are always in need of more. If you knit or crochet, we’d love to have your skills. Get a pattern here Shawl Ministry and if you need yarn, let us know!
  • Engage in service to our fellow members by offering a ride, delivering a meal, or helping a member: We have lots of ways you can help one of our members who live near you and need a little boost.