To See, To Do, To Be

We’ve all seen the posters listing out the major religions of the world. This service explores the similarities and differences in the religions of the world. This service invites each one of us to lean into the religions of the world in an attitude of cultural humility. Join us as we begin to delve deeply into the wisdom of the world’s religions that inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life.

Rivers in the Sea of Belonging

As the weather begins to turn to fall, we gather. We gather to remember that we belong to something greater than ourselves. While we can’t gather together to mingle our waters together as is our tradition, this year you are invited to send along a picture of you pouring water into one of the many bodies of water that we live among. Send your picture to Rev. Samaya at by Saturday, September 12th. For the service, you’ll want to have a small bowl of water with you.

Enjoying our Summer Break

South Fraser Unitarians take a break from our weekly Sunday services over the summer months. We’re sorry we’ve missed you! Take time to peruse our website, our soul matters packets, and sign up to receive our Chalice Lighter to keep updated on our events throughout the summer! We look forward to having you with us on September 6th when we resume our regular weekly services.