CUC National Service: Unsettled and Unafraid

The CUC is hosting “Unsettled and Unafraid,” a national service to honour The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Join Elder-in-Residence Sharon Jinkerson Brass, Rev. Danielle Webber and folks from across the country as they reflect on what the process of un-colonizing looks and feels like to them. 

Reconciliation as a Spiritual Practice

What does reconciliation look like as a spiritual practice? This is the second year that Canada has set
aside a day that honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families, and
communities. Join Rev. Samaya for an exploration into this question. In honour of this day, please
remember to wear your orange t-shirt to the service so we can take a few screen shots of our

River of Love

Join us this afternoon as we regather the waters of our spirits into a common river of love. It is our practice for our first Sunday back as a community to honour a Unitarian tradition called Water Communion. This is a service that mingles waters of the spirit and soul. 

In preparation for the service, you’re invited to bring a slip of paper on which you have written a couple of sentences about your spiritual and physical journeys this summer. Please ensure that your writing is legible as others will be reading your reflection.

For this service, we’ll gather in person at the labyrinth at Kwomais Park, 1367 128th Street in Surrey at 1:30 pm. You may want to bring a lawn chair.