Freedom on the Journey

How can we understand the world so that we can be free of the suffering that shadows all human lives? Where do we find joy and love in the midst of ever changing conditions? What can we do to save all living beings? This talk will touch on the poems and historical lives of the early Buddhist nuns whose stories are not so different from our own. Their brilliant realizations help us all find our way home to freedom.

The Tragic Gap

How does one move through the difficult times in life? This service explores the tragic gap and the spiritual tools that can be used to move through these times in our lives.

Side With Love

Join us for an exploration of how a tragedy in 2008 at a UU congregation Knoxville, Tennessee, helped to reimagine the way that Unitarian Universalists view and acknowledge Valentine’s Day. A reimagining where love knows no border, no gender, no race, and no religion.