A Gentle Approach to Change

This month we’re exploring the theme of “Living with Intention.” In our desire to grow, evolve, and improve ourselves, we can sometimes end up shaming ourselves, running ourselves ragged, or being vulnerable to others who have an agenda to fix and improve us. In this service Carolyn Koehnline will share a gentler approach to change that weaves in self-kindness. She’ll also share some of the unexpected practices she engages in to support living with intention.

The Dance

The poet Oriah Mountain Dreamer asks what it means to let go and say yes to life! Together we’ll explore this poem and its message to us to live with intention in the coming year.

Out of the Flames

Out of the Flames – Out of the flames of 2022 we rise. We rise for courage and conviction knowing that being on the side of love and justice is who we are. Out of the flames we rise with hope in our hearts to help heal a broken world. Out of the flames we rise with love in our hearts that celebrates our shared humanity. Join us for a fire communion service.