All In for Climate Justice

Join us this Sunday as we engage in the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office annual service. This year’s theme is All in for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet. The term “climate justice” invites us to consider the climate crisis from the perspective of politics, social justice, and human rights, rather than simply a scientific, physical phenomenon. The fact of climate change has far more than meteorological implications: It will change the way that most species on Earth live. We recognize this as a justice issue because of the possibilities to organize and respond to the climate crisis in a way that prioritizes the needs of those people and communities that are most vulnerable. Rather than examining the scientific causes, impacts, and solutions, this year’s United Nations Sunday theme invites us to explore the human causes, impacts, and solutions.

Sustaining Our Light

This national service focuses on “Sustaining Our Light” during these unusual and troubling times. Filled with music and reflections, and with participation from Unitarian Universalists across Canada, the service explores why we need each other and offers opportunities for us to connect and create community together.

Suddenly Awake with Awe

We gather together with so many emotions. Among us we have the courageous and those who are trying to be brave. With each in breath and each out breath, each word, each song, we are nourished and gain comfort in our ability to be together.