Blessings in the Midst of a Pandemic

Please join us for a timely service on “Finding Blessings in the Midst of a Pandemic”. We are pleased to have Aline Laflamme as our guest speaker. She is a Metis grandmother, pipe carrier, Sundancer, drum maker, therapist and workshop facilitator who is going to share with us how traditional teachings serve to help us stay in a ‘blessed state’ in spite of being in the midst of a pandemic.
In addition to her many foregoing roles and accomplishments, Aline was Co-Founder of the Aboriginal Front Door Society providing traditional healing and culture to Aboriginal people in the DTES. Aline provided culturally-based healing workshops and ceremonies throughout communities and in prisons for many years. Aline is a founding member of Skemcis Medicine Wheel Society. She took people on their Vision Quests for over 14 years and has created over 1450 Native hand drums. Aline provides Rites of Passage camps to youth; and facilitates teachings and cross-cultural workshops for colleges, schools, government and various NGOs. Aline has a degree in Criminology, three years training in Hakomi therapy and conflict resolution. Aline also has many years of traditional teachings from respected Aboriginal Elders.

Same Storm, Different Boat

Same Storm, Different Boat

Join a live streaming Sunday Service with Unitarian Universalists across this great country on YouTube.
The service will be live at 9:30 am Pacific Time
The service will be “anchored” out of Halifax in recognition of their hosting the CUC Conference next year… May 2021.
It will be led by:
Rev. Norm Horofker (Halifax),
Rev. Wayne Walder (Toronto Neighbourhood),
Rev. Meghann Robern (Winnipeg),
and Rev. Karen Frazer Gitlitz from Saskatoon.

There will be other contributions from across the country as well. After the service you will be able to join a trans-national virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom.
More details will be forthcoming on the CUC-Leaders Google Group including the Order of Service. We hope you will be able to join us!
… Rev. Norm Horofker.

Join us online: 1) watch on the CUC’s YouTube channel; or 2) via Zoom at

For more information:

The Blessings of Our Mother

Join us for the blessing of our unique Unitarian ritual of flower communion on Mother’s Day. You are invited to send Rev. Samaya a picture of you with flowers, and to have a picture of your mother with you for the service.