What Does it Mean to be a People of Possibility?

Our thematic ministry packet has only one spiritual practice in it – a break from the choices we usually have. It invites us to out an ancient practice of picking a word that will help keep you open to new possibilities throughout the year. The practice comes from “a time in the third and fourth centuries when people would go to the desert and seek out monk-like hermits for guidance and wisdom. This tradition is referred to as “seeking a word.” These wise “desert mothers and fathers” would offer people a word or a phrase to ponder for weeks, years and even a lifetime.

The idea behind this practice was that a simple word – when reflected upon with discipline – has the power to create possibilities in us and in the world. These words weren’t instructions as much as invitations to open oneself in new ways. As one writer puts it, they are about deepening and unfolding, rather than fixing and improving.”

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