Talking to Your Kids About Sexuality

Take a moment to think about the form of sexuality education you received – whether it was at home, through the schools, or through the faith community your family participated in, or from the media. Realizing that most of the sexuality education we received from these sources, many parents wonder what they can do differently to talk about sexuality with their children.

Think about the messages you received growing up about:

  • Your own body – including the sexual parts;
  • Touch and the need for human affection?
  • Puberty and growing up?
  • Gender roles – how girls should behave and how boys should behave?
  • Loving and intimate relationships?
  • Dating and sexual attraction?
  • When it was okay to engage in sexual behaviour?
  • Sexual responsibly – preventing unplanned pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases?

This program provides participants an opportunity to reflect on how we can talk with our children so their experience can be different.

This program can be initiated on request for parent groups of six or more. Please contact Rev. Samaya for more details.

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