Author: Rev. Samaya Oakley

Come, Yet Again Come!

During those times, I tell myself it’s the wind’s job to blow all the leaves from the trees. I
tend to look to nature for my spiritual lessons and October reminds me to let the winds of
change blow in my life and to clear away the old, unnecessary things or habits so that my
mind, body, and spirit can prepare for the winter months. There are several tools and
rituals that I engage with to help me do this.

A Wider Love

We all have been through a traumatic time over the last three years, and we are not out of the rapids yet. I’ve started to think of this river of life that we are travelling on. Some of us are in canoes, others are in yachts, some in rafts. This pandemic has affected each one of us differently and what we all hold in common is that we all have been affected.

Embracing Life

Over these lazy, hazy days of summer embrace the many ways life calls to each of us to notice the small things in life and appreciate them.

A Product of My Time

What are you letting go of so that new growth can occur? As you explore this question, I invite you to hold yourself with tender compassion. Letting go of that which comes from being a product of that time into being a product of this time.

Sabbatical: The Holy Pause

The practice of sabbatical provides both the Minister and the congregation with an intentional time of renewal, rejuvenation, and learning that prevents burnout and helps to make our longer-term ministry more sustainable. As a point of history, Unitarian Universalists are among the first to develop and promote sabbaticals as a valid and valuable practice for both ministers and the congregations they serve.

The Power and the Glory of Christmas Day!

It is when the magic that is felt at times like this that I can most clearly connect with the power and the glory of the story. The feelings of warmth, intimacy, closeness when a child is born come alive at this time of year.

A New 8th Principle

On Saturday November 27th, 2021, at a Special Meeting, Canadian Unitarian Universalists voted to approve adding an 8th Principle to the current seven Principles:

“We, the member congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council, covenant to affirm and promote: Individual and communal action that accountably dismantles racism and systemic barriers to full inclusion in ourselves and our institutions.”

Surrendering to Peace & Love

I decided there and then that I wanted to radiate love and peace instead of irritation and frustration. So now, each time I notice my brow furrowed, I stop, breathe, and remind myself of my desire to radiate love and peace as I consciously unfurrow my brow. I’ve noticed that when I’ve done that I breathe slower, my eyes soften, and most importantly, my heart softens and opens.

A Time of Letting Go

….listen deeply to your soul on how you have been shaped to see the world and begin to discern what no longer serves you and that you want to let go of.