All My Relations

Mystical connections in the physical world and physical connections to the mystical world.

Guest speaker: Sharon Jinkerson-Brass

Sharon says: “The life I have lived has countless times revealed a mystical side of life that has become as real to me as sunlight. One would think this was a simple, magical experience but it was very hard for me to deeply embrace these experiences as real. For many years my colonized mind rejected the obvious conclusions I was experiencing because I believed in tangible proof. After many decades my reality and my beliefs have expanded to embrace a deep reverence for the sacred spiritual world that are with all of us throughout our lives. I believe there are “ways of being” that can help us to see the unseen world or validate what we already know.” In her reflection Sharon will share a reading and a story about this aspect of her journey.

Sharon Jinkerson-Brass ᐙbᐃᔥᒃbᐃᓀᓯ ᐃᑴ  White Thunderbird Woman is a member of Key First Nation in Saskatchewan. She was part of the “sixties scoop” but reunited with her family in the 1980’s. She received her cultural teachings from her beloved Anishinaabe grandmother Rebecca, who was a midwife and traditional healer. This year Sharon is one of the CUC Elders In Residence.