Inherent Mirth and Dignity

What do you do when the life you’d imagined for yourself is stuck in committee? Join us for the
story of the UU Hysterical Society—a 200,000-person group on Facebook. It’s a story of feeling
lost, finding yourself, and a practical joke gone right with UUHS founder Liz James.

Liz James – Liz James will be joining the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation in person on Oct 22, 2023 as part of her preaching tour. Liz is the founder of a 200,000-person online UU community called the Unitarian Universalist Hysterical Society (UUHS); half of The Cracked Cup podcast; and working on a book with Skinner House Press.

Liz is based out of Saskatchewan, where she is building a tiny house with her own two hands.She believes in a Unitarian Universalism that is filled with meaning and joy, and that sees change as an adventure.