Who Are We Called to Be: The Buddhist Perspective

Empathy can be said to be ‘the caring that arises when there is understanding’.

Ken’s walk started as a Deacon in a mainstream Lutheran Church. Further in his walk, Sensei Ken was ordained in Kyoto and has taught the buddhadharma for over a decade at a Calgary Buddhist Temple.

He has been the University of Calgary Buddhist Chaplain and worked for Interfaith harmony before recently returning to the Vancouver area where he grew up.

He created and has run ‘The Circle’ sangha: their mindful practices of ‘emotional intelligence’ now align with Calgary Buddhist Meditation where online circumstance allows him to remain a teacher.

His approach is non-sectarian and practical, and he is delighted when Buddhist understanding aligns with science. 

Oh! and this life can be joyful and fun and kind when we allow our difficulties to drift away!

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