On Wonder and Miracles

We take that old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder to be about the

relativity of beauty, how we each name different things beautiful, which is, of course, true. But it also reminds us that if we wish to see beauty in the world, we must choose to behold it, to witness it, to make space for it and choose to name it such. If we are to recognize wonder and awe, to live in the healing and transformation it brings, the same is true. In this season of stories of miracles and wonder how can we connect to the reality of the beauty and wonder that yet surrounds us everyday, in the mundane and the awesome both?

Please join us after this in-person service for caroling, our holiday centrepiece sale, soup, treats and fellowship. You are welcome to bring small, ready to eat snacks to share (no heating is available, so food should be ready to eat, such as cheese and crackers, sweets, nuts, veggies, etc.)

This service will be held in person at 3:30 pm on Sunday, December 10, 2023. Peninsula United Church – 15639 – 24th Ave, Surrey, BC. Refreshments and carolling to follow.

Rev. Christopher Wulff is a fifth-generation Canadian Unitarian, who most recently served as Minister of the Westside UU Congregation in West Seattle. In his varied life he’s worked as a park ranger, a graphic designer and programmer, a counselor for refugees and an advocate for people living in poverty, a professor of journalistic ethics, and a cook at a Unitarian Universalist retreat centre. His lovely wife Ariel also grew up UU, and worked for the CUC for many years, and they have two young kiddos who are more interested in the snack table after church than in the service, but who are quickly picking up the hymns sung around the dinner table. Christopher is currently experimenting with various treatments to resolve a period of major depression and organizing with folks to launch a new network of UU communities in Vancouver modeled after house churches and revivals.