Speaker: Rev. Samaya Oakley

SamayaRev. Samaya Oakley has been the Minister of the South Fraser Unitarians since August 2016. She received her Masters of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology and has worked with Unitarian Universalist communities at the local, national and continental levels for the past twenty years.

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And it Came to Pass – Christmas Eve

Join us at 7:00 pm for our online Christmas Eve service. In our lessons and carols service, we’ll take
time to remember the story of old, the birth of Jesus, and what it means for our lives today.

Solstice Ritual

For over thousands of years people have gathered on the eve of Winter Solstice to celebrate the
rebirth of the sun. Today we gather to be nurtured and held during the longest night and begin to look
forward to the light returning. From out of the darkness and cold, light and hope return. Join us as we
slow down, sit in silence together and rest when the wheel turns. We welcome everyone to our
service. Join us at 7 pm for our online annual Solstice Ritual to honour the gifts of the night and to
celebrate the return of the light.

The Theology of Joy

Through the experience of joy, Researcher Matthew Kuan Johnson shares that we become more truly
ourselves – the colours seem brighter, physical movements feel freer and easier, and smiling happens
involuntary. Join Rev. Samaya for an exploration of what the sacred texts have to say about opening
ourselves to joy.

Songs that Changed the World

The headlines can be frightening at times! The songs we sing can remind us that we don’t have to wait
for some future utopia or far-off heaven to create the world we want. We can create melody and
music and sing together in harmony right now, even when there’s violence and injustice in the
headlines every day. Musical guests @@@ join us for this service.

Gleaning For Love

In the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, we find that Boaz becomes Ruth’s saviour with the simple, but
hard work of gleaning. Gleaning is one finds and collects everything that’s useable after the initial
harvest. In the story Boaz is asked to “stretch his pride” and ask for help to free Ruth. As we engage in
the work of generosity of service in our congregation and our faith, we are asked the simple question
– are we willing to be gleaned for love?

Superheroes, Villains, and Beyond

So today we are going to take time to think about our inner superhero. Wear your superhero cape – or
anything that is a cape to you – to the service so that we can celebrate your superhero powers that
work towards a transformed world.

A Covenantal Faith

We’re invited to bring our whole selves into the life of South Fraser Unitarians. Our whole selves. That
means not only do we bring our gifts and talents to bear, but we also bring the tragic strategies that
we’ve used in the past to help us cope with life’s events. The spiritual practice of living into our
covenant can help us out during the times when we encounter this in ourselves and in each other.

Oh We Give Thanks!

What better time than Thanksgiving to honour the practice of gratitude in our lives! It’s hard living up
to the ideal of being grateful every moment in our lives! It is by adopting a practice of gratitude that
we bring our attitudes and behaviour in alignment.

Reconciliation as a Spiritual Practice

What does reconciliation look like as a spiritual practice? This is the second year that Canada has set
aside a day that honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families, and
communities. Join Rev. Samaya for an exploration into this question. In honour of this day, please
remember to wear your orange t-shirt to the service so we can take a few screen shots of our