My Aboriginal Education

Judge John Reilly speaks about his years as a Provincial Court judge in Alberta. He was appalled by what he learned about the lives of Aboriginal people. His TED Talk is not only a powerful indictment of how the justice system in Canada treats its indigenous peoples but how to change a fundamentally biased and … Continued

The Gratitude Garden

Join us for this interactive multigenerational service as we journey to the Gratitude Garden. We’ll have to navigate dangerous territory to get there in our path towards healing at this time of thanksgiving. After the service, we’ll enjoy Gratitude Pumpkin Soup.

One Step at A Time

Picking up the sermon series thread from Building Beloved Community, this service examines our capacity to encourage unity among diversity. Together we’ll look at how our commitment to the whole allows us to participate in a collaborative, connected community. Plan on staying after the service for a two-hour Bystander Training – a training that will … Continued

Keeping Our Promises

As we end our month of looking at promise, it’s important to take time to reflect on the sacred interdependence between staying true to oneself and staying true to those around us. Join us as we explore this tension in our daily lives.

Canada: The Promised Land?

Canada has welcomed immigrants and refugees from across the globe for many years.  Why is the situation different now?  Who are the people arriving daily from war zones and refugee camps? What are their challenges and how is Canada coping with this reality? Meredith Verma works with immigrants and refugees in Surrey. She oversees the … Continued

Water Communion

Join us for our annual intergenerational Water Communion service! In the midst of challenging times, we remember to take time to nourish the roots of our own community. During the service, we’ll reflect on promises we make here at SFUC that take future generations into account. During the service, you will have an opportunity to … Continued

Flower Communion

Our annual flower communion is a celebration of our shared ministry and the way our individual gifts combine to create a beautiful bouquet. Please bring a flower to share with the congregation—you will leave with a different flower. This intergenerational service will include a time of recognition for our many volunteers.

Celebrating Our Oneness

A contemplative service with music, readings, and silence that celebrates our oneness with all of life.

Living into the Questions

During the service people will have an opportunity to submit questions to Rev. Samaya, and she’ll answer as many as she can in the time provided. We’ll also be conducting a pet blessing at this service.

Sing, Sing a Song

Enjoy a music-filled service with Sylvia and the choir as they share their favourite hymns and the stories behind them.