Flower Communion

Our annual flower communion is a celebration of our shared ministry and the way our individual gifts combine to create a beautiful bouquet.

Living into the Questions

During the service, people will have an opportunity to submit questions to Rev. Samaya, and she’ll answer as many as she can in the time provided.

Songs to BE With

Music can hold us in the palm of its hand, set us swaying breezily, or time-travel us to a quintessential moment. Choir members will offer their favourite music selections, with a vignette about why these songs stir them deeply. This songful service will leave you … read more.

Embodying the Holy

The Dalai Lama says that the purpose of life is not to transcend the body but to embody the transcendent. Join us as we explore the many ways the world is just waiting for us to notice the holiness in it in a contemplative service.

A Love Letter to My Body

As we explore the theme of Embodiment this month we invite you to engage with members of our Beloved Community as they reflect on what it means to  Care for, Connect With and Change their relationships with the bodies they inhabit.

The Power of Ritual

What power does ritual hold over our lives today? During the service, we’ll celebrate and welcome new members and acknowledge the transition from adulthood into crone or sage.

Soul Gardening

Join us in the garden on this Sunday – figuratively and not literally! Together we’ll explore what it means to live a life of passion and grace through the act of tilling the garden of our soul.