What Christmas Means to Me Now That I’m Not a Christian

As a child, Gloria was taught to take the “Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus Story” literally. As an adult, for a while,  her perspective widened to such an extent she felt negative about celebrating Christmas at all and she was uncomfortable around those who did. Currently, her perspective is widening even further. Now she finds herself able … Continued

The Mystery of Presence

At a time when answers are available in a single click, it seems as if the mystery of living today has disappeared. As we enter this holiday season, let us reflect on the presence of mystery in our lives.

The Story of Our Lives

The choices of our lives end up writing the stories of our lives – decisions such as the relationships we nurture, how we spend our time, and responses to the events we experience in life. As we take time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going, we make meaning of our … Continued

All My Relations

Susan Davidson has been at the forefront of the Lower Mainland’s organic agricultural sector for over 20 years. Founder of Glorious Organics, Susan’s major priority has been to grow the capacity of this sector and to support small-scale farms using sustainable practices. In 2013, Ms Davidson received an Honorary Dr of Laws degree from KPU … Continued

The Music of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s music contains sorrow, hopelessness and despair as well as deep love and high hopes. This service looks at the healing sounds of his music.

What Meditation Does for Me

Dianne Dilts has attended SFC for about 20 years. During that time she had been an occasional student of meditation but recently attended a seven day silent retreat that turned her into an enthusiastic meditator. Now meditation brings the ecstasy of simply being alive into her daily life.

My Aboriginal Education

Judge John Reilly speaks about his years as a Provincial Court judge in Alberta. He was appalled by what he learned about the lives of Aboriginal people. His TED Talk is not only a powerful indictment of how the justice system in Canada treats its indigenous peoples but how to change a fundamentally biased and … Continued

The Gratitude Garden

Join us for this interactive multigenerational service as we journey to the Gratitude Garden. We’ll have to navigate dangerous territory to get there in our path towards healing at this time of thanksgiving. After the service, we’ll enjoy Gratitude Pumpkin Soup.

One Step at A Time

Picking up the sermon series thread from Building Beloved Community, this service examines our capacity to encourage unity among diversity. Together we’ll look at how our commitment to the whole allows us to participate in a collaborative, connected community. Plan on staying after the service for a two-hour Bystander Training – a training that will … Continued

Keeping Our Promises

As we end our month of looking at promise, it’s important to take time to reflect on the sacred interdependence between staying true to oneself and staying true to those around us. Join us as we explore this tension in our daily lives.